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Further Professional Background


Jeremie Zulaski is professional educator, lifelong artist, and committed researcher. In 2023, he earned a Post-Graduate Diploma (with Distinction) in Ancient Civilizations from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. His research examined the religious visual culture of the Ancient Near East in order to gain insight into archaic ritual praxes. 

​From 2017–2018, he attended Leiden University, undertaking coursework on the art, culture, and history of South and Southeast Asia, wherein his primary academic focus was on tracing contextual developments of Hindu and Buddhist visual cultures. Using a 19th century Tibetan gilded bronze Yama sculpture from the collection of the Museum Volkenkunde as a vehicle, he traced conceptual and iconographic developments of Yama from the earliest appearance in Vedic literature through modern-era representations in Tibetan Buddhism. Other research included textually-informed iconographic analyses of 6th–10th century early medieval temple sculptural programs at Ellora, Hirapur, and Mahabalipuram, the last of which was among the sites he visited the previous year while traveling abroad in India. 

From 2015–2017, Jeremie was a faculty member at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), a private graduate university in San Francisco. He taught andragogy and academic writing courses that fostered holistic development through the School of Consciousness and Transformation (SCT). He was also the Program Coordinator and Unique Learner Writing Support Specialist at the Center for Writing and Scholarship (CWS) at CIIS, where he had earned his Master of Arts in East–West Psychology and been awarded a two-year writing fellowship from 2013–2015. Primary responsibilities included supervision and training of academic and administrative staff, and curriculum development and instruction for the year-long writing fellowship program. Areas of research included integral pedagogy, multimodal literacy, and holistic ways of knowing.

Between 2000–2011, he was involved in visual art educational programming as well as art museum, private gallery, and industry support service settings where he had assisted curatorial, installation, and registrar departments with cataloging, handling and installing, packing and transporting artwork, and preparing exhibition spaces.

​He has been dedicated to persons of all ages, levels, and backgrounds and has developed and taught visual art and academic writing courses that support honing technical proficiencies through holistic and collaborative learning. Jeremie offers multi-modal, media-rich, technologically-integrated, and scholastically-informed teaching methods while providing conceptual and socio-historical contexts from a variety of interrelating academic fields and creative practices.

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