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"Besides being a wonderful colleague, Jeremie is a visionary scholar, a dedicated educator, and a detail-oriented and reliable professional.  I co-facilitated two courses with Jeremie, with Jeremie taking the lead in creating rich and thoughtful course syllabi and lesson plans.  In class, I had the opportunity to witness Jeremie’s ability to engage in multiple learning modalities—from clear didactic instruction, to the facilitation of rich conversational spaces.  I was also struck by Jeremie’s unique sensitivity to the needs of our international students, his capacity for communicating across cultural differences, and his consistent desire to grow and develop as a professional and educator.  He has served as an inspiration for our students—and he has inspired me to commit to my own practices as a writer and scholar."

Brynn, Former Supervisor and Co-instructor

"I gained an appreciation for Jeremie’s sincerity, maturity, and intellectual curiosity.  Jeremie is someone who seeks opportunities beyond what is required of him, and by seeking these trainings and other personal and professional development options, he has built a crucial skillset.  He always demonstrated outstanding professionalism and care in crafting the best offerings possible.  Jeremie puts service first, and he inspires others around them to reach their potential as well.  As you can see from his extensive travel experience and his training in multiple languages, along with his membership in the select professional organizations, Jeremie is an outstanding candidate; he would enrich your scholarly community with his dedication, service, and insights."

Heather, Former Supervisor

"Mr. Zulaski has demonstrated a strong vision for developing an effective art education program at the secondary school level.  His vision is inclusive of the art education standards, extensive components of both visual and abstract art, and is designed to challenge students to experiment.  He has shown his communication skills through articulation of his expectations, and presentation of lesson materials have produced clarity for students.  Mr. Zulaski’s organization of professional documents and classroom curriculum and lessons is highly effective.  I have observed him as being reflective in his professional practice; introspectively working towards professional growth as an educator.  In both classroom management skills and peer interactions, he is skillful in balancing policy and reason to resolve conflicts."

Blane, Former Supervisor

"Jeremie has a passion for teaching; he excels in the classroom setting, as well as in his individual work with students.  He is patient, and kind, with a clear communication style, both written and spoken.  His organization and preparedness are second to none; he is always on top of things, even going above and beyond.  He is able to skillfully give and receive collegial feedback, and is keen on his continued assessment of growth as an educator, writer, and researcher.  Personally, Jeremie is a joy to work with."

Heidi, Former Co-instructor

"In my capacity at numerous positions over my twenty-plus years, I have seen few people show up and make such an immediate connection and positive impact on our students.  Jeremie has impressed me time and again with his enthusiasm for working with students, his concern for developing the craft of teaching, his rigorous and unfailing attention to the details which affect the educational process, his innovation in originating or improving upon ideas to assist colleagues and students alike, and his overall professionalism.  It will be obvious that Jeremie can challenge students at the advanced level and above as well as uniquely tailor his talents to students with individual challenges. He is an outstanding motivator, role model and skilled artist."

Dennis, Former Co-worker

"Jeremie writes, and dare I say thinks, at a level that far surpasses his peers.  His discussion comments were well thought out, well researched, and articulately expressed.  He obviously spent a great deal of time and effort preparing anything he turned in, and he engaged in discussions with other students in a way that reflects a rare level of critical thought and writing ability.  In actuality, I think that much of what he wrote was over most other students’ heads, but the few students who could engage at his level seemed to enjoy the debate.  He expressed strong opinions about many topics in a respectful and professional manner, always using evidence instead of personal opinion to support his ideas.  Jeremie turned in an exceptional research paper; it was one of the most interesting and well-synthesized student papers I have ever read.  Jeremie is one of the most intelligent and motivated students I have ever had the privilege of teaching."

Heather, Former Instructor

"Jeremie demonstrated a superior intelligence, attention to the subject, up to date information from assigned readings, and creative engagement.  Jeremie’s participation in these classes inevitably stimulated peer interaction.  In terms of class assignments, Jeremie demonstrated original thinking, timeliness, conscientiousness and honesty and provided papers which have pleased by their creativity, while also being accurate in their scholarship.  In my opinion, Jeremie belongs to the top 3% of students I have taught."

Debashish, Former Instructor

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