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Introductory-level students develop foundational skills and knowledge through an exploration of the properties and technical applications of various visual art media. The formal elements and principles of visual art and design are introduced, illustrated by, and analyzed through plentiful examples from historically relevant artworks.

Intermediate-level students identify personally important themes and approaches in order to complete art-related assignments and projects. Learners begin to gain proficiency in visual art analysis and engage in structured and supportive peer critique of their artwork. Students maintain visual journals that exhibit concept development, preparatory work, sustained investigation, and written reflections.

Advanced students focus on refining their professional art portfolios and artist statements using self-reflection, critical thinking, and contextual awareness to formally express their unique artistic vision. Art students engage prominent ideas, movements, and artists while enhancing their understanding of important concepts and theories foundational to the history of art in relation to contemporary issues.

Studio Art & Design: Courses
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